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Corronation a brand of Monti-Werkzeuge GbmH, is proud to be the first company to take an interest in all aspects of corrosion prevention. This allows it to provide solutions for any industrial application, no matter how challenging. Furthermore, Corronation strives for optimal sustainability at all times.

Corronation believes that corrosion prevention has five key elements: Cleaning, Preparation, Coating, Testing and Education. By mastering each of these elements and working with excellent, proven brands, Corronation offers uniquely comprehensive value that is easily accessible while holding innovation and sustainability in high regard.

Whether your situation requires Cleaning, Preparation or Coating expertise or Testing and Education solutions, Corronation guarantees a quality process from A to Z.

Corronation specialises in microbiologically induced corrosion as well as other forms of corrosion, such as hydrogen-induced cracking in steels. For educational master classes and solutions, see

1. Cleaning

Dust, salt and contamination due to oil, grease and other petroleum products are all sure to cause problems eventually, whether they accelerate corrosion or lead to poor adhesion.

Corronation offers special biodegradable, green solutions to remove rust and clean steels before blasting. Hydrojetting is one such application. These solutions can offer significant advantages for surface-tolerant coatings.

Cleaniq works to clean off grease or oil, for sterilisation, disinfecting, degreasing and to rinse away chemicals, without damaging your surfaces, by using hot water in an environmentally friendly manner. Cleaniq also offers mobile solutions for items such as solar panels that will not leave behind excessive amounts of water.


2. Preparation

Surface preparation is the cleaning or treating of a surface prior to the application of a surface coating. To ensure an optimal bond between the surface to be coated and the applied coating, such preparation is essential. This involves processes such as contaminant removal, restoration of imperfections, removing rust and mill scale and the creation of a specific roughness profile.

Corronation surface preparation for coating applications removes rust without separate abrasives. Instead, Corronation uses a more sustainable hand-held high-impact, semi-automatic or automatic bristle blast machine. In cases of heavy rust, bristle blasting may be combined with hydrojetting or other methods for effective results that take into account environmental effects, safety and health.

The World of MontiPower® is all about the power of innovation for clean and safe surface preparation.
Our clean surface preparation technologies to remove, clean and profile a substrate are truly unique.
They always offer genuine added value without any loose abrasives. We want to offer every customer the cleanest solution and we put our heart and soul into achieving this.Discover the power of our specialized powertools. Innovative solutions for blasting without grit. Onshore and offshore. Testing, removing, cleaning, profiling. Innovative blasting technology that ensures the best possible bond. The world’s best coatings and sealants deserve the best surface preparation.

Absolutely Gründlich for longterm sustainable protection of your assets.

Passivation – Rust Prevention
Designed to leave no residue. The Rustbloq 210 product line is highly effective in cleaning, removing and neutralising even the harshest salt buildup, chloride ion or flash rust, for any metal surface. Rustbloq 210’s unique abilities enable superior protection of metal surfaces against corrosion. It neutralises and removes salt deposits such as sodium chloride and other de-icing salts and naturally occurring contaminants and contains inhibitors to protect against further salt exposure and flash rust after cleaning.

Steel restoration – including oil and water submerged Steel Putties
Steelpower products are suitable for the protection and reconstitution of metals or alloys of steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper, and bronze. Use MontiPower’s surface preparation solutions for an efficient application. Steelpower products are ideal to repair cracks, corrosion, abrasion, impact or chemical damage above ground, or even for submerged surfaces. Applications include repairs of underwater components and sealing leaks. The products are also effective at sealing water leaks in systems that are still under pressure.


3. Coating

Coating is key in protecting facilities and structures in aggressive environments from eventual decay. Anti-corrosive coating systems are used to preserve offshore structures, petrochemical facilities, pulp and paper plants and bridges or power plants in wet conditions.

Corronation develops and produces alternative coating products to improve customers’ production and corrosion engineering processes and/or make them more sustainable.

Additive Plastic Component Manufacturing
Alltersteel’s aramid powders and granulates are endlessly versatile. Alltersteel products offer improved sliding and friction properties and are ideal for use in materials that must have specific electrical properties, for example in compounds for the medical industry. Alltersteel powders and granulates can also be used in the production of detectable and thermally conductive or lightweight plastics.

Alternative Coatings – Underground & Above-Ground Pipelines
Allter is an alternative coating brand that offers unique solutions for steel assets, both under and above the ground. Allter sets a new standard for future-oriented thinking in the coating industry when it comes to product safety during manufacturing, application and use.

Allter specialises in emission-free corrosion prevention for durable assets such as oil, gas and civil engineering structures, bridges, pontoons, pipelines, jetty piles, locks, quays and renewable items such as windmills.

Contracting – Internal Welding Sleeve & Onsite Coating Services
Dutchwork integrates products with contracting/engineering support services in order to deliver value-added solutions to asset owners and main contractors. Dutchwerk™ is a Mexican and UAE company that is active and successful in the field of rehabilitation and reinforcing assets, including coatings for new water, oil or gas pipelines and offshore risers.

Pipe Reinforcement – Vacuum Control
Strongpipe offers an extensive range of wet and vacuum-controlled composite systems, including laminates and sheets made of carbon, glass and aramid and various types of epoxy resins, for reinforcing and retrofitting of commercial, industrial, residential and transport structures.


4. Testing

Testing provides data that is crucial in preventing corrosion such as microbiologically or hydrogen-induced corrosion. Testing ensures that applications of industrial coatings meet or exceed the highest ISO quality standards.

Corronation provides and manufactures specialised test equipment specifically for the industrial painting and coating industries, for a successful and more sustainable approach.

Surface and Coating Tests – Inspection Kits
Mtest International is a global provider and manufacturer of specialised test equipment specifically for the industrial painting and coating industries for the protection of steel assets from corrosion such as corrosion under insulation, mainly in the oil & gas industry, renewables and steel construction sectors. Mtest has over 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge in delivering practical solutions and supporting its customers with world-class corrosion prevention products.



Often, small adjustments can be made to ways of working or technical implementations, reducing the risks involved significantly. In many cases, failure to take such mitigating measures is not the result of a lack of will, but rather due to a lack of knowledge on the part of decision-makers.

Corronation offers education through an alliance of experts in an effort to make a wide range of vital knowledge more readily available.

Education – Online Teaching and Expert Helpdesk
The Corrosion Alliance is a collective of leading experts and organisations that are committed to sharing knowledge and technologies around the theme of corrosion prevention. The alliance is based on the awareness of the wealth of knowledge and insights available about ways to counteract corrosion due to salts, microorganisms and environmental conditions.


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